New Zealand Skills in Demand is a candidate search company specialising in matching skilled immigrants from the United Kingdom, Ireland and the rest of the world to great New Zealand companies. We pride ourselves on our customer service to employers and understand that a successful search outcome doesn’t stop with an employment agreement being signed. It is our goal to ensure a long-term mutually beneficial outcome for employers.

Skills in Demand understands that for your business to operate efficiently, you need access to the right staff and skills for you to maximise business opportunities.

We know that New Zealand requires significant talent from offshore markets in key skill areas for projects all over the country. We have also observed that many industries are continuing to increase their staffing levels in order to respond to future demands as the New Zealand economy and population grows. Skills in Demand will partner with your business to bridge the skills gap between the United Kingdom, Ireland and the rest of the world through to New Zealand.

Our aim is to provide an integrated service delivery for the attraction, recruitment and relocation of skilled migrants to jobs in New Zealand.


Candidate Search


Skills in Demand, through its make-up, location and model is uniquely positioned to search and assist you to select talent for your business. Our philosophy is not about throwing CV’s at clients, as we aim to partner with your firm to ensure we understand your requirements and the culture within your business to get the best candidate fit.  

Our standard candidate search process is the following;

  • Our Christchurch based Account Manager will take a full job brief from you to ensure we understand the candidate specification, cultural fit and your recruitment timeframes.
  • This is then passed on to our UK based team to start matching it to candidates in the system, load it on our website, promote it through our partners in the UK and represent your opportunities at career expos and seminars throughout the UK and Ireland (timing dependant).
  • Once suitable candidates have been identified, a short list will be presented to you including CV’s and a brief overview of candidate’s motivation and timeframes for moving to New Zealand. After you have selected your preferred candidates, Skills in Demand will work with you to arrange suitable interview times using your preferred method. You will also be provided with a detailed assessment of the candidate's visa eligibility and timeframes for obtaining visas etc.
  • If you are making employment offers to candidates, Skills in Demand will work alongside you to ensure this is as seamless as possible, ensuring a successful outcome.


Advertising and Promotion


Skills in Demand is able to identify cost effective promotional activities to best leverage your job opportunities to potential overseas candidates. This service includes;

  • Research, booking and placement of print and electronic advertising, and management of incoming applications in the UK and Ireland avoiding time zone issues.

  • Representing your company at career expos including booking and manning of the expo site in the UK, Ireland and further afield if required.
  • Hosting career seminars on your behalf.

If your firm is looking to recruit multiple roles it is strongly suggested that you contact Skills in Demand so that we can assist you to develop a cost effective promotional strategy.


Strategic Partnerships

Image 4 - NZ Passport.jpg

We are not an immigration consultancy. We will work with all candidates regardless of the consultancy they have engaged, ensuring we maintain a broad candidate base for you to select from. We understand that many businesses will require a seamless service so we have developed a strategic partnership with a leading UK based immigration consultancy, Migration Associates.

Migration Associates is owned and run by a Cantabrian providing the benefit of having a UK strategic partner who understands New Zealand. A key benefit of the partnership for Skills in Demand is that we are actively referred candidates by Migration Associates.


Support Services

Skills in Demand prides itself on being a specialist search firm for skilled candidates based in the UK and Ireland. We are not a full service HR and Recruitment firm. Should you require support in this area we have partnered with key New Zealand HR practitioners to assist. Our partners deliver excellent service to our clients in the following areas;

  • HR law; employment agreements
  • Remuneration advice
  • Candidate interviews
  • Reference and background checks
  • Psychometric (personality and general reasoning)
  • Immigration advice

Ongoing Support

Skills in Demand understands that our job is not done simply when the employment agreement is signed. We will remain in touch with you and the candidate once they have commenced employment to ensure candidates, and more importantly their families, are settling in to New Zealand.

Skills in Demand have developed an account managed service option for candidates with a specific staff member being assigned to facilitate a smooth transition to New Zealand. This service includes;

  • Assistance in opening bank accounts prior to arrival in New Zealand
  • Introduction service to pre vetted and recommended service providers in New Zealand including; utility companies, insurance providers, accommodation and housing, telecommunications, vehicles and any other provides required. If we don’t have a service provider to meet your requirements we will find one
  • Assistance in identifying schools and educational facilities to meet family requirements
  • Assistance in identifying lifestyle options to job opportunities – assistance in ensuring where you plan to live will meet you lifestyle requirements
  • Introduction to relevant lifestyle, social and professional organisations; sports clubs