Advice for landing your dream job in New Zealand

Joel Gabites has some high level advice for landing your dream job in New Zealand...

For many people, finding a job in New Zealand is a prerequisite to obtaining a visa. Migration to New Zealand is, increasingly, becoming job based. Therefore, having an understanding of the New Zealand recruitment system is vital to ensure you have the best chance of obtaining employment.

The New Zealand recruitment system has similarities in some respects to Australia and other countries; however, it does have its own idiosyncrasies. There is a mix of international and local recruitment firms operating in New Zealand, as well as in-house human resources teams responsible for filing job vacancies.

Do I need to understand my visa eligibility and timeframes?

It is vital you have a clear understanding of your visa eligibility and the timeframes that are involved. You should contact a licensed immigration adviser (you can check the Immigration Advisers Register to confirm this) to obtain this advice.

It is important to determine whether you can qualify for a residency visa, temporary visa or both!

Should I start the visa process?

We actively encourage our candidates to start the visa process so that they are prepared, should a job offer come to fruition. One of the benefits of starting the visa process is that it shows potential employers that you are serious about this move and that you can get out of the starting blocks a lot quicker than other candidates. Remember, any competitive edge that you can market yourself as having will be a huge benefit.

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Lydia Walker