HVAC Engineers

We're seeking qualified Heat and Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) Engineers for full-time permanent roles in cities such as Christchurch, Auckland and Queenstown. They offer a free service to place candidates in NZ roles. 

Ideal candidates will have experience on both commercial and residential sites, at least 3 years full-time experience and a relevant qualification.

A CV is a must. You must also be able to provide written references and an oral reference will be taken as part of the process.

Permanent full time contracts are on offer. You will be "on the books" as opposed to working self-employed meaning you will enjoy 4 weeks paid annual leave, and your employer pays a levy to cover health insurance and contributes to your retirement savings scheme. 

Opportunities are on-going and start dates are flexible – we will provide you with relocation advice including visas, shipping, banking, money transfer and support before you arrive in New Zealand. 

Start the process now by emailing ammar@nzskillsindemand.co.nz with your CV, or uploading it here